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In underserved communities with limited internet access, gaining knowledge and assistance can be a challenge. Our SMS-based ChatGPT service is here to bridge the gap, allowing you to access information and support anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection


Accessible Anytime, Anywhere - Send SMS queries from any basic mobile phone and receive real-time responses, empowering you with information on the go.Convenient and User-Friendly - No need for internet access or smartphone applications. Engage in text-based conversations with our AI-powered system using familiar SMS messaging.Language Support - Communicate in your preferred language. Our SMS-based ChatGPT supports multiple languages, ensuring personalized and effective interactions.

How It Works

It's free to use*. No signup and OTP are required.

*except for standard telecom fees for sending text messages

Step 1. Send a message

Open your messaging app and send your question or request to+639091655693Or Scan the QR code below:

Step 2. Receive almost real-time response

It usually takes around 5-30 seconds to get a response. Since we are still in beta, please expect some downtime.

What can you do with Teks?

Answering Questions: It can provide information on a variety of topics, such as general knowledge, science, history, geography, technology, and more.Basic Math: It can perform mathematical calculations, solve equations, and help with arithmetic, algebra, calculus, and more.Generating Text: It can create text in various styles, including articles, essays, stories, poems, and more.and many more...

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